Tik Tok — what is this supplement


TikTok social network each year accumulates less and less fame among the young public. It is a platform for creating long clips that the client shares with subscribers. In the summer of 2020, Tik Tok occupies one of the highest positions in the TOP-10 most downloaded add-ons. The vast majority of Internet clients are still asking questions: what kind of Tik Tok add-on is and why is it needed. What is Tik Tok The main function of a social network is the article of long videos (less than 15 seconds) or full-length videos, seems to be a specific example of Instagram, but inspections in Tik Tok are likely even after a day of time comparing with stories, more on tik tok 100 followers.

«Vines», funny sketches and clips are especially famous. The streaming function is rarely used. Enough to write dances to the song of your favorite performer, and the video can actively recruit inspections.

Fundamentally! Social networking functions make it possible to add effects, edit videos, enter captions, and more without third-party programs. Videos can be deleted as needed. There are a few restrictions on the application of music, but these factors also worked out how to overtake. The platform is a standard social network: here you can subscribe to TV channels, add ratings and like the text you like. The profile displays the total number of likes. History of the add-on In 2017, Zhang’s ByteDance bought the Musical.ly platform, which became the progenitor of the idea of ??shooting long clips. This platform was founded in China back in 2014. The list of its possibilities was quite simple: clients formed minor videos and shared them with their friends. The number of participants was at least 100,000,000.

Later, another representative of the video hosting company, Xigua Video, entered the wallet of the ByteDance company. Based on the existing additions, the Douyin was designed, which became the first species of the famous Tik Tok. But the social network was available only in the PRC, in connection with which Indonesia launched its own version of the program — Tik Tok. How the add-on became known all over the world and in Russia The start of the existence of the TikTok add-on is 2017, when TT was officially launched. But this is only the first round of social network development. In 2018, the connection between «Musical.ly» and «Tik Tok» takes place, in connection with which the platform has reached a completely new level. The quality of the generated videos and the enthusiasm of the customers have increased many times over. All over the world, people began to upload a fresh social network: on September 1, 2020, Tik Tok set a record. Through iOS and Android, the add-on has been downloaded by at least 1 million participants, which makes it one of the most widespread. The Tik Tok wave evenly reached the Russian Federation. The main source of information for people was the abundance of advertising on the social network on Youtube, reloading of tiktok to other sources. On a common video hosting site, you can find a lot of text made on Tik Tok.